The outsourced live chat remote support is one of the most important components of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The demand for a live chat virtual assistant role and automated chatbot app is continuously increasing in the live chat support field. According to Technavio projections, the technical support industry will expand by a whopping $11 billion during 2020-2024 with a decent growth of 6.46% CAGR.

Powered by numerous desirable factors such as capacity building, productivity, ROI focus, cost-efficiency, and others, all sizes of enterprises and startups choose to outsource live chat support to remote locations to achieve the desired business bottom lines.  

Top Perks of Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services Remotely

The best outsourced live chat services offer numerous benefits and perks to enterprises in different shapes. Those perks help enhance the business profitability, competitive edge, reputation, and brand value in the market. The most common perks offered by the remote assistance live chat services include the following:

outsourcing live chat operators benefits

#1. A convenient way for your customers

Web chat support is getting more popular among online customers because it is a very easy and convenient way to communicate at any place. Accent, pronunciation, and dialects are a few barriers in telephone support; thus, customers prefer to chat for online support.

#2. Enhanced focus on core business

 Sourcing for online chat agents for hire, recruiting, training, establishing infrastructure, and monitoring the web chat support is a very tedious and time-consuming practice, which diverts your focus from core business processes and ideas. Using the services of outsourcing live chat operators helps you focus on your core issues by taking over all of the above activities from you.

#3. Bridging staff and infrastructure shortage

Building a dedicated team for remote customer support and providing them with the required state-of-the-art infrastructure costs your company hugely. The outsourced IT support services help you bridge that gap without any upfront investment.

#4. Brings professionalism into your business process

Remote customer support services are specialized services powered by experienced and skilled specialists. They are very well aware of the modern trends and technologies used in customer support services in the present era. They bring professionalism to your business process to increase customer satisfaction.

#5. Greater user experience & brand value

Specialized team of qualified and industry experienced professionals enhances the customers’ experience with the support team. They use modern technologies and personalized approaches to customers to improve loyalty and customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer base helps build a great brand value of your business.

Main Reasons to Hire Live Chat Customer Service Agents Through Us

We provide professional-grade services to hire live chat agents for building a specialized team of live web chatting specialists remotely. There are numerous great reasons to choose our service to hire a live chat agent or to build a remote team for customer support of your business.  A few very important reasons for choosing our specialized services include the following.

reasons to hire a live chat agent through our company
  • Specialized services. We offer highly focused services to hire the most suitable and qualified specialists that can help your business achieve the desired business goals easily
  • Cost efficiency. Our services are highly competitive without any hidden costs involved at all.
  • Greater quality. We are second to none in providing high-quality recruiting services in all customer support domains, especially in the web chatting support field.
  • Large talent pool. Our company has access to a large pool of local tech-talent in Ukraine. We can find the most suitable talent matching 100% with your business requirements
  • Wide range of specialists. We recruit a wide range of specialist that can deal with numerous domains in the live chat support such as email chatting, IM chatting, SMS chatting, multilingual chatting, and other forms of customized chatting tools
  • Customer satisfaction. We focus on hiring the most suitable, qualified, and experienced specialists so that the customers satisfaction can be improved to a higher level.
  • Ideal location. We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our geographical location is situated at the central point, which is very attractive for the companies located in numerous countries in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and other parts of the world.
  • Shared culture and language proficiency. Ukraine has a huge talent pool with fluency in English language. Ukraine shares the European culture and work ethics that is suitable for almost all companies in Europe, North America, and other parts of the world
  • Faster process. Our specialists recruit the desired support staff very fast while maintaining the best quality, standard procedures, and industry best practices simultaneously.
  • Scalability and flexibility. We offer options for faster scalability and the flexibility of customized teams and projects to facilitate our clients for smooth business operations.

Top Industries That Can Benefit from Our Live Chat Agents for Hire

Our professional-level services of hiring specialists for live chat remote support services deal in a wide range of industries. A few very important ones are mentioned below:

#1. Financial Services

We recruit customer support specialists for finance services that are also well versed in financial businesses such as banking, mortgage, leasing, insurance and other domains. Those specialists help achieve the desired team productivity and efficiency in the financial services industry.

#2. eCommerce

The specialists we hire for the eCommerce industry can improve the performance by understanding a wide range of products, offers, incentives, and providing personalized support through modern technologies.

#3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

You can outsource live chat 24/7 service to your remote team built by our experts because we hire experts that are tech-savvy people and understand all aspects of SaaS cloud computing services such as web apps and other online platforms.

#4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the major domains that outsource live chat 24/7 remotely for better productivity and effectiveness. We hire the most knowledgeable experts in the industry to help you achieve the desired objectives.

#5. eLearning

The eLearning industry is highly dependent on customer support and feedback services. We can recruit the most suitable candidates for our clients in the eLearning industry to improve the performance of the eLearning company significantly.

#6. Automobile

Sales and after-sales services in the automobile industry are highly dependent on remote outsourcing live chat services nowadays. Our company helps the automobile industry in hiring the most knowledgeable and industry experts for providing high-quality support to the customers in the automobile industry.

hire live chat agents in ukraine

Outsourced Chat Support Services Vs In-House Chat Support Services

Every coin has two sides; so is the case in outsourced and in-house live chat support services. Let’s compare the two services in terms of their advantages and disadvantages in the following table:

Comparison FactorOutsourced Live Chat SupportIn-House Live Chat Support
Cost EfficiencyBuilding a remote team is easy and cost-effective and does not need upfront costBuilding an in-house live chat support team is difficult and requires a substantial upfront cost
Training & DevelopmentNo need for staff training and future developmentNeed to train and develop the staff continuously
Technologies & TrendsIn line with the modern technologies and industry trendsNeed additional efforts to keep pace with the technologies and trends
Quality of ServiceThe quality of the services is much better due to specialized and up-to-date staffMaintaining the process quality requires additional efforts and resources
Support TypesOffers multiple options of live chat services such as 24×7, off-peak hours, peak-hours, and many othersYou need extra talent and other resources to manage different types of support services
ScalabilityEasy and fast to scale the live chat support teamLengthy and difficult process to scale up the in-house team
Inter-Department CoordinationLacks a little bit in coordinating with different departments of business in real-timeReal-time coordination with other business departments is possible
Customer FeedbackDelayed customer feedbackInstant customer feedback
Productivity & EfficiencyGreater improvement in team productivity and process efficiencyModerate improvement in productivity and process efficiency

It is very clear from the above table that live chat outsourcing services are more beneficial and desirable for all types of businesses as compared to building an in-house support team.

If you are looking for building a remote live chat support team, get in touch and learn more on how to outsource live chat answering services to Ukraine!