The global market size of business process outsourcing (BPO) is expected to reach $405.6 billion by 2027, according to Grand View Research, Inc. The share of the customer support segment will account for over 31% of the global BPO market. The share of banking, financial services, and insurance is huge in this gigantic market. The establishment of banking and financial services call center has increased significantly in recent years and will continue robust growth in many years to come.

Choosing the model of customer support and financial services back office outsourcing offers a wide range of features, capabilities, and value addition to the global clients in improving business outcomes in the modern fiercely competitive marketplace.

What Services Does the Financial Support Team We Hire Offer?

The most important services offered by the financial services customer support rep and specialists we hire are mentioned below.

financial customer support services

#1. Virtual Receptionist Services

The financial and banking support specialists we hire can perform all major activities of a virtual receptionist such as routing calls, answering phones, scheduling meetings or appointments, and providing routine information, which a customer needs.

#2. 24/7 Compliance Hotline Services

We hire highly specialized banking customer care staff to perform round-the-clock support without any interruption irrespective of holidays, off-peak hours, or geographical locations.

#3. Live Chat & Email Support Services

The specialists that we hire for our valued clients can perform functions of handling customer queries and questions through live chat and email instantly.

#4. Phone Answering Services

Customer support staff we hire remotely for the BPO financial services in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industries can provide professional-level phone answering service while maintaining predefined KPIs and quality of service (QoS).

#5. Technical Support Services

The technical support staff we hire for our banking and financial sectors can perform a wide range of technical support services such as level-0, level-1, level-2, and level-3 professionally.

#6. Customer Care Services

The staff we hire for our clients can perform numerous customer care services through multiple channels of communication while maintaining high quality and transparency in the communication.

Why Choose Us for Financial Customer Support Services in the Financial/Banking Industry?

Our company specializes in financial customer support services for hiring support staff in banking, financial services, telecom, and other industries. We are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is one of the brightest spots for IT outsourcing services. The main reasons to choose our company for phone, chat, and email outsourcing services include:

  • Fully managed & professional services. Our team specializes in hiring industry experts in banking and finance sectors by following all standard procedures and industry best practices. Our hiring service is fully managed.
  • Cost efficiency. We offer highly cost-efficient hiring services without any hidden charges. We offer numerous hiring options and price plans too.
  • Large talent pool. Our company is based in Ukraine, where it has access to a large pool of talent having suitable skills, desirable experience, and professional attitude.
  • Comprehensive services. Our hiring services cover all types of customer/technical support domains such as inbound and outbound support, multi-level technical support, remote call center building, and much more.
  • Quality, flexibility and scalability. Our services are very flexible to meet clients’ requirements while maintaining high-quality in hiring as well as managing the outsourced support staff. We can scale up support teams very fast and cost efficiently.

Managing your business’s financial operations can be complex and time-consuming. Outsourcing these tasks to professionals with expertise in MS Dynamics finance implementation can help you maintain financial accuracy, ensure compliance, and free up time to focus on core business activities.

How Does Our Financial Services Customer Support Specialist Hiring Work?

The hiring process of financial services support staff, telecommunications customer support, or any other industry is accomplished through the following professional steps:

how our bpo financial services work
  1. Requirement assessment. We assess the requirements and roles for the desired support service on the request of our client.
  2. Candidate sourcing. Our specialized team searches for the suitable candidates through multiple sources using different searching criteria and tools.
  3. Shortlisting. We shortlist the candidates based on certain filtering criteria to narrow down the candidate search.
  4. Interviewing. Our team conducts multiple interviews in coordination with the client to finalize the candidates for hires.
  5. Offering & contracting. We complete the offering and contracting process with the candidates smoothly.
  6. Onboarding. Finally, we onboard the hired support staff through orientation and introduction to the existing team and tasks.

What Makes Ukrainian Customer Support Banking Specialists So Popular Worldwide?

Ukraine has become one of the most attractive IT outsourcing destinations due to the power of tech talent and government policies. The most important skills, qualities, capabilities, and professional attributes of Ukrainian customer support banking specialists that make them so popular are listed below:

  • Highly tech-savvy and creatively thinking population
  • Specialized in banking and finance industries
  • Very well aware of modern industry trends, technologies, processes
  • Offer highly competitive rates
  • Provide high quality services
  • Highly reliable and committed
  • Customer-focused and solution-oriented behavior
  • Offer flexible working hours
  • Desirable personal and professional attributes
  • Provide all technical support of all levels
  • Able to provide both inbound and outbound customer support
  • Provide support through email, chat, phone, and other channels simultaneously
  • Multi-language support for sales, upselling, cross-selling, and other processes
  • And numerous others
outsourced financial support services

Why Outsourcing Online Banking Helpdesk Is Better Than Building In-House Team?

Outsourcing banking helpdesk is a better option than building an in-house support team due to the following reasons compared in the following table.

Comparison FactorOutsourced Banking Helpdesk ServicesIn-House Banking Support Services
Service CostOutsourced banking customer support services cost just a fraction of the amount needed for building an in-house teamThe cost of building an in-house banking team is way costly
Training & DevelopmentStaff training and career development are not requiredA lengthy and costly process of staff training and career development is required
Upfront CostNo upfront cost is requiredThe huge upfront cost is required
Industry TrendsAware of modern trends and technologies in the industryNeed additional training for making staff embraced with the modern trends and technologies
Types of SupportSupports multiple types of support under one roofSeparate teams are required to cater to numerous types of banking support
ScalabilityFaster scaling of the teamsSlower and costly to scaleup the teams
Tech-Talent Pool SizeAccess to large tech-talent pools without any geographical boundaryAccess to limited tech-talent pool bound within the geographical boundary
Business FocusSufficient time to focus on the core business processes and ideasReduced time to focus on the core business processes and ideas

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