There is a consistent growth in the demand for tech support professionals for hire across all domains of industries worldwide. According to the US labor job outlook, the average growth of IT support specialists is expected to remain 8% faster than national average during 2019-2029. The roles of virtual technical support and help desk professionals are among the top 10 list in the CIO survey in 2021.

Taking full benefits of outsourced computer support, all types and sizes of companies prefer to hire customer support staff through professional-level outsourcing IT support provider companies like us.

How Your Company Can Benefit from Outsourced Technical Support Services?

Outsourced technical support services are very fast, flexible, and easy to use for any type of company irrespective of its size and location across the globe. You can benefit from the help desk outsourcing model in multiple ways. The outsourcing allows you to choose either standard IT support services or get a customized help desk support team to 100% fulfill the requirements of your business. You can choose any one of the following remote tech support models:

  • Multilingual IT support
  • 24×7 help desk model
  • Multi-levels IT tech support
  • Off-peak customer support
  • Peak-hour help desk model
  • Tailored support teams
  • Building dedicated remote team
  • Building industry specific help desk support
  • Email outsourcing support
  • Telephone answering outsourcing support
  • Live chatting IT support
  • And many others
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What Levels of IT Help Desk Outsourcing Can Our Company Help with?

Our company is one of the most professional companies that help your business in hiring outsourced computer support staff of all technical levels. You can select any of the following technical levels of IT support to hire a remote technical support specialist for:

Tier 0 (T0, L0)

The tier 0 tech support level deals with the lowest level of technical support and does not involve any kind of human interface directly. In the zero-tier support level, the technical content is mostly created and posted online for self-reading and referencing. The main activities involved in Level-0 technical support include the following:

  • Creation of frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Adding multiple questions and answers (QNAs)
  • Building a knowledge-base for self-learning
  • Training videos and demos  
  • How-to-guide for different troubleshooting and solution procedures
  • Developing online product/service operational manuals
  • Adding product specifications and guidelines online
  • And many similar kinds of other activities

Our specialist team hires the most suitable IT support professionals that are experienced in writing different types of documents and online content for the customers.

Tier 1 (T1, L1)

Tier 1 or level 1 IT support is the first level of technical support in which the IT specialist is involved directly to answer the queries and questions of the customers. In tier 1 tech support, the support staff answers the very basic questions pertaining to user-level operational issues with very low level of technicality involved. This is very important to note that the majority of the technical support queries (about 80%) from the customers fall in the first-level category.

Our company helps you hire the most suitable technical representatives that are expert at handling the first-level queries of the customers with professional attitude and proper feedback to achieve the desired customer satisfaction.

Tier 2 (T2, L2)

Tier 2 help desk is also referred to as level-2 help desk support in the field of IT tech support domain. The technicality level involved in tier-2 support is higher than level-1. The technical representatives dealing level-2 need to have a deeper knowledge of the product configuration, software updates, and other technical activities of this level. The tech support specialists dealing with the level-2 support need to have a thorough knowledge of the product/service at software level so that they can troubleshoot and resolve the issue easily.

We hire the most qualified, skilled, and experienced IT staff from a large pool of tech talent for our clients worldwide to deal with the product-specific as well as general technical issues at software level.

Tier 3 (T3, L3)

Tier 3 support is also known as level 3 tech support or L3 support. Tier 3 support involves the highest level of technicality of the product/service. This level deals with the development level of the software product or hardware product. The technical support specialist dealing with tier 3 support needs to be either a full-fledged software developer or a hardware specialist. The modification at circuit levels may involve resolving hardware-related issues in this level of support. The software source code access and changes are required to deal with the level-3 software issues in the product/service.

Our specialized team hires the most tech-savvy experts who are capable of dealing with the level-3 hardware and software issues in the products/services.  

Top Perks to Outsource Tech Support Remotely

You get the following top perks to hire tech support team with our specialized outsourcing company.

benefits of outsourced it support
  • Reduced cost of support services
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • No missed opportunity at all due to any missed call 
  • Professional-grade quality
  • Proper focus on business
  • Improved customer satisfaction and brand value
  • Faster turnaround time (TAT)
  • And many others

What Industries Can Benefit from Our Help in Hiring Dedicated IT Support Specialists?

Our specialized IT tech support hiring team is an expert at hiring dedicated IT support specialists for a wide range of industries. A few of the most important ones are mentioned below:

#1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the most cruising IT business models in the modern field of information technologies. There is a huge scope in the SaaS industry to help numerous types of businesses through a SaaS-based platform. We can hire highly expert professionals to deal with all processes and activities of the SaaS industry perfectly.

#2. BioTech

BioTech is another major technical industry that uses modern software, hardware, and inbuilt tools. A comprehensive technical support team is required to deal with the technical issues of those tools and products at different technical levels. Our company can hire the most suitable candidate to deal with those issues easily.

#3. InsurTech

The InsurTech industry is extensively using modern IT platforms and tools to manage insurance matters and market the products smoothly. Numerous standard and customized platforms are at the core of this industry nowadays. We can help our clients in the InsurTech industry to build a perfect IT support team to improve their business efficiency by creating a great user experience and customer satisfaction.

#4. eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is fully dependent on virtual interaction with the clients to convince and convert them into product purchasers. It uses numerous types of tools, techniques, and modern technologies to improve customer engagement and experience. We can hire highly expert professionals who can deal with all modern technologies and tools to improve online business in the eCommerce industry.

#5. Service Segment

Service sector has already gone online with a huge influence of modern web and information technologies. The workspace tools and platforms have taken over the traditional form of services in all major service businesses. The introduction of online service platforms is a few very modern examples of them. Our company can hire the most relevant IT support professionals that can deal with the technical matters of the service sector easily.

#6. AdTech

Modern advertisement technology precisely referred to as AdTech, is a comprehensive process that requires collecting customer and market data, analyzing it, creating ads, delivering to the right market segment and managing campaigns through multiple tools and applications. We can hire highly specialized tech support specialists that are experts at all those domains.

#7. Financial Sector

Financial sectors like banking, mortgaging, leasing and other financing activities are fully automated through a wide range of applications and software platforms. Our expert hiring service is capable of hiring the most suitable tech support experts who can provide multilevel technical support for all those apps, platforms, and embedded systems at multiple tiers.  

#8. Technological Startups

Technology startups are making international headlines continuously in the world by introducing innovative service and business ideas based on cutting-edge technologies nowadays. We can hire the most tech-savvy specialists that can provide support to the modern technology startups based on the latest technologies by providing multi-level technical support to the clients.

What Are Benefits of Building a Remote Technical Support Team in Ukraine?

It has become a new trend among companies from all regions of the world, especially from Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and other regions to build remote technical support teams in Ukraine due to numerous reasons. A few of those reasons are listed below:

benefits of building remote tech support team in ukraine
  • Ukraine is one of the most tech-savvy country in the world
  • It possesses a huge pool of technical specialists and professionals
  • The country offers highly competitive prices for outsourced services
  • It maintains high-level quality in line with the European quality standards
  • Workforce is highly committed, solution-oriented, and customer-focused
  • Ukraine is located at highly ideal location with overlapping working hours with many countries
  • The country has a very reliable and efficient IT infrastructure
  • Highly encouraging business policies of the government
  • It has shared culture and language for effective communication

If you are in search of a specialized IT outsourcing company, get in touch and find how to outsource tech support with our professional-level IT outsourcing company!