SaaS is one of the top cruising domains of business powered by software applications and the internet. According to the Business Research Company forecast, the global size of the SaaS industry is expected to reach $272.49 billion in 2021 from $225.6 billion in 2020 with a gigantic growth of over 20.8% CAGR. It will continue growing with double-digit growth to reach $436.9 billion by 2025.

With the exponential expansion, the demand for customer support SaaS systems and services, especially outsourcing dedicated IT support services, is increasing substantially. Outsourcing of customer support for software SaaS providers offers a wide range of benefits, service features, and additional capabilities, highly desirable value addition to the services.

Why Outsource SaaS Technical Support Process?

Like other support services, the outsourcing of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution support offers numerous types of features, capabilities, and benefits, which become the great reasons for outsourcing the SaaS support process to third-party providers. The most important of those reasons are listed below:

  • Cost efficiency. You can outsource a SaaS customer support 24/7 for just a fraction of the cost required for building an in-house SaaS support team.
  • Highly professional service. Hiring support staff for SaaS support through outsourcing service providers are highly industry experts with professional attitude. Thus, they offer highly professional services
  • Flexibility. Outsourced services offer flexibility of choosing from multiple models as well as customized models of SaaS support services.
  • Faster turnaround time. The professional SaaS phone support representatives are very fast in responding and solving the issues faced by the SaaS service users.
  • High quality. The quality of outsourced SaaS chat support or phone support is very high due to the polite and professional tone and way of dealing with the customers.
  • Scalability. Outsourced SaaS support model is designed for faster scalability. The outsourcing party can scale your team through multiple ways to cater to your increased requirements.  
  • Supports multiple channels. The best SaaS customer support services offer multi-channel customer support such as live chat, phone, email, social media, and others under one roof.

Benefits of Outsourcing SaaS Operations Support Services

The most desirable features and capabilities of the outsourcing SaaS model provide a wide range of benefits to the SaaS businesses. A few major benefits of outsourcing SaaS support services are listed below:

benefits of saas technical support outsourcing
  • Reduced process management cost
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher customer retention
  • Faster return on investment (ROI)
  • Increased conversion and sales
  • Better business profitability
  • Improved SaaS brand value
  • Increased business competitive edge
  • Faster launches of new products
  • And much more

Why Outsource SaaS Support Desk to Our Company?

We are a highly specialized team for hiring a wide range of SaaS support professionals such as SaaS customer support manager, support agent, support consultant, and others for providing professional-level technical support in numerous types of support models suitable for the SaaS industry. Our services are characterized by numerous desirable features and functions that create great business value for our clients. A few very important reasons to outsource SaaS support desk to our company are mentioned below:

  • Managed services. We offer fully managed outsourcing services for our clients with full reliability and confidence.
  • Competitive prices. Our pricing schemes are very competitive and flexible for our SaaS technical support as well as outsourced financial support services without any hidden charges at all.
  • Higher quality. We follow European and international quality standards for our hiring services to produce great value for our clients.
  • Access to a large talent pool. Our team of specialists have access to a large pool of SaaS technical support professionals accessible through multiple sourcing channels.
  • Ideal geographical location. Our company is located in the central geographical location of the world. Located in Ukraine, clients from all major countries of the world can easily travel physically to us in a very short time.
  • Featured services. Our services offer a wide range of features in terms of flexible plans, pricing schemes, hiring models, and options for scalability. Our feature-rich service offers numerous additional values to our SaaS clients
  • Great IT infrastructure. Ukraine has a great and reliable IT infrastructure. We use cutting-edge technologies, tools, and platforms for communication and collaboration
  • Shared culture and language. Our population is proficient in English language with great accents to communicate with customers from across the globe. We share common culture with a large number of European, North American and other countries.

Major Support Issues Handled by SaaS Customer Support Representative We Hire

The SaaS customer support representative and experts we hire for our clients are quite capable professionals that can handle a wide range of technical and operational issues of SaaS services. A few very important issues handled by the experts we hire include the following:

#1. Basic operational issues

The basic operational issues are mostly related to operating the services or products based on SaaS model. These issues include internet connectivity issues, product function issues, walkthrough problems and others. These issues constitute about 80% of all SaaS support issues.

#2. Level-1 technical issues

These issues include guiding the users for basic performance, product features, and other low-level issues. The professionals we hire can handle those issues exceptionally.

#3. Tier-2 software Issues

The professional SaaS support specialists we hire for our clients are skilled and experienced in handling different issues at configuration modifications and software upgrades mostly performed at level-2 technical support in the SaaS model.

#4. Source code issues

We are highly expert in hiring professional software developers and consultants who can resolve highly complex and source code-level software and embedded systems-level issues easily. They can modify, add patches, and modify service features and other such types of activities

Services Offered by SaaS Support Remote Staff We Hire

Irrespective of the question how many customer support reps do I need for SaaS services, you should choose our professional services because we offer top-level SaaS support hiring services in the marketplace. A few important services provided by the SaaS staff we hire for you include:

services offered by expert support saas
  • Enhancing sales through upselling and cross-selling functionalities
  • Researching and list building services
  • Building lead generations and appointment settings
  • Content moderation activities
  • Supporting community management functions
  • Implementing standards of community compliance
  • Building graphic designs and producing multimedia content
  • Accomplishing complex renderings
  • Developing full range of customers support in multiple languages
  • Building product knowledge bases and how-to guides
  • Implementation of modern tools for building great customer experience
  • Analyzing customer data for achieving business intelligence (BI)
  • Carrying out data entry and data verification functions in SaaS support environment
  • Performing data validation through data reconciliation process
  • Developing product insight information
  • Providing help on project management
  • Performing manual and automated product testing
  • And much more

How to Staff Your SaaS Support Team with Us?

How to hire a customer support for SaaS support services with our professional-grade company is so simple and easy. It can be done in the following simple steps:

  1. Client contacts us. Reach us through multiple ways with your requirements for staff. Our specialists respond to clients professionally.
  2. Requirement assessment. We take your requirements and assess for the suitable hiring solution. We can also provide additional consultancy for achieving better business outcomes
  3. Client approves hiring solution. Once the detailed discussion regarding the suitable SaaS support solution, client okays the plan.
  4. Sourcing of suitable staff. We source the most skilled, experienced, and qualified SaaS support staff through multiple sourcing channels.
  5. Shortlisting of resumes. We shortlist from a large number of CVs that are matching to the requirements of our client.
  6. Interviewing candidates. Our specialized team conducts preliminary interviews and schedules further interviews for hiring.
  7. Final approval. Client is requested by our company to finalize the interviewed candidates for hiring.
  8. Offering. After approval from our clients, our team offers the job through an offer letter, which is returned back by the candidate after signing it as a token of approval of the job offer.
  9. Contacting. We finalize a contract with the candidate based on certain standards as well as customized conditions.
  10. Onboarding. In the last step, our specialized team onboards the SaaS support staff.
hire saas customer support in ukraine

Range of Dedicated IT Support Services We Offer

Our company is a specialist in IT staff hiring. We offer a wide range of hiring and consultancy services as listed below:

  • Hiring remote SaaS support staff
  • Building a remote call center
  • Providing a dedicated IT team
  • Hiring project-based team
  • Expanding existing IT staff
  • Bridging technological gap
  • IT consultancy and process automation
  • Assessing and streamlining existing human resources
  • And much more

How Our Remote Expert Support SaaS Specialists Stand Out from Other Competitors?

The remote expert support SaaS specialists hired by our company stand out from others due to the following reasons:

  • Highly competent and experienced in the domain
  • Trained and educated for performing specialized support tasks
  • Offer highly flexible working hours
  • Very well aware of the modern technologies and industry trends
  • Have professional attitude towards duties
  • Very tech-savvy people with innovative approach
  • Offer very competitive rates in the market
  • Highly fluent in English and other languages
  • Very reliable and dedicated to assigned tasks
  • Best performer and efficient staff
  • Fully managed by a specialist management team
  • Solution-oriented approach and customer focused behavior

If you are planning to build an outsourced SaaS support team remotely, contact us and hire SaaS support staff via our specialized hiring services now!

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