According to Startup Genome, the global economy of startups is valued at about $3 trillion per year. The annual number of startup companies created across the globe is estimated at about 305 million, out of which over 1.35 million startups are created in the domain of technology-related businesses. In most cases, startups are short of budgets; so, they need outsourced online tech support startup help the most.

The demand for remote information technology & financial management support services for startups is continuously increasing significantly. The potential for remote email, live chat, social media, and outsourced phone support is huge in the startup domain across the industries worldwide.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Startup Support Services

Mostly, startups try to find the most cost-efficient solutions for the secondary and tertiary business processes so that the budget constraints can be managed within the tolerable ranges and do not affect the core business ideas or processes. In such circumstances, it is not a good idea for startups to invest heavily in building in-house support teams. To hire customer support startup representatives remotely offers numerous benefits to startups as listed below:

benefits of startup support services outsourcing
  • Saves substantial amount of money on secondary/tertiary processes
  • Offers great level of flexibility to change and modify the requirements and plans
  • It is very easy to scale up the remote support teams as business grows
  • Outsourced support startup offers great quality
  • Helps bridge the industry expertise and technology tools
  • Improves the most needed user-experience and customers satisfaction for startups
  • Offers multiple types of customers and technical support under a single roof
  • Helps you improve the productivity and efficiency of in-house team
  • Helps you put strong focus on the core business processes and ideas
  • And much more

End-to-End IT Support Startup Solutions Provided by the Staff We Hire

We are specialists in hiring customer support staff for end-to-end solutions in a wide range of industries and business sectors such as support startup eCommerce, information technology (IT), retail, finance, and many others. A few very important end-to-end IT support startup solutions provided by the professional staff we hire for our clients are mentioned below.

it support startup solutions

#1. Email Support

Email support for startups is very important to communicate with clients in the connected world. According to Statista information, there are 4.147 billion email users in the world in 2021 and the number will reach 4.594 billion by 2025. A huge portion of those email users prefers to communicate through email for effective communication.

Our specialized team hires the most suitable experts and specialists that can handle queries and questions asked by the clients through email comprehensively. They manage proper communication tone, immediate response, communication transparency, and detailed response through emails so that the clients are fully satisfied with the customer support. The demand for email support in eCommerce customer service outsourcing, technology, fintech, manufacturing, and service sectors are continuously increasing worldwide and we can help our clients hire the best quality support staff.

#2. Live Chat Support

Live chat support is another very important method of handling customer queries and questions online. It is getting more useful for those who remain online most of the time. The customers get live communication through written chatting through numerous chatting software tools. It is easy and cost-efficient as far as telecommunication connectivity is concerned. So, startups prefer using live chat support services remotely for saving more cost on telecom and bandwidth bills.

The startup support staff we hire for our clients is experts in this domain of customer support and handles the queries and questions of customers smoothly and professionally to create a great user experience.

#3. Phone Answering Support

The remote customer support staff we hire for our startup clients are highly trained in telephone communication handling while maintaining all predefined service key performance indicators (KPI). They offer end-to-end solutions from answering phone calls from the end-users of your service and provide complete guidance, create trouble-tickets, provide detailed solutions to the issue with recorded voice and get feedback from the customer for further analysis.

#4. Social Media Support

Social media is a very cruising and fast-growing domain of marketing, sales, and customer engagement in the modern business ecosystem. We hire social media support specialists for our clients to provide comprehensive solutions for both customer and technical support. They engage with social media users through written messages, chats, voice, and other channels of communication and provide the most suitable response to improve customer satisfaction.  

#5. Miscellaneous

Our hiring experts can help in other domains of startup support such as hiring staff for administrative, legal, taxation, or other types of consultancy in building remote teams and providing support to improve the customer/technical support business process.

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Top Benefits of Using Our Outsourcing Customer Support Startup Services

Our specialized outsourcing customer support startup services are focused on hiring the most relevant and matching customer support staff for our startup clients so that they get their business to grow faster. The major benefits our startup clients get from our specialized outsourcing services include the following:

  • Highly professional-level hiring services
  • Access to a huge pool of support talent
  • Offers highly competitive prices without any hidden charges
  • Provides fully managed hiring services
  • Offers wide range of customized plans for customer support
  • Deals with numerous types of customers support services
  • Helps a wide range of industries
  • Located at the ideal geographical location
  • Shared culture and languages
  • And many others

Major Tech Support Startup Domains We Serve

We serve numerous types of industries and business sectors to provide them with highly skilled startup tech support manpower. A few of them include:

#1. AdTech

Our specialists hire the AdTech support staff that is highly knowledgeable in the creation of ads, developing an ads strategy and run comprehensive advertising campaigns and respond the customers properly to get valuable feedback for future analysis.

#2. FinTech

FinTech customer support staff we hire for startups help them achieve the best customer satisfaction by providing them the best response, right guidance and introducing new products in both B2C and B2B fintech support fields. The FinTech support staff is very well aware of modern trends and industry standards.

#3. BioTech

A technical support specialist biotech that we hire for our startup clients has high-level expertise in both BioTech equipment and modern software tools. Our BioTech tech support service staff can handle multilevel technical support in this industry.

#4. EdTech

EdTech support staff our company hires for our startups in the field of technology-based education that are well aware of the modern technologies, tools, and platforms used in modern education systems. They offer highly specialized services to support the students and professionals for their queries and questions smoothly.

#5. PropTech

The property field started using numerous modern tools based on technology for support, sales, advertisement, and other processes. The industry experts we hire for startup clients in the property technology field can provide the best quality services to our real-estate clients on social media, chatting, phone, and other channels.

#6. InsurTech

The use of modern technologies has also increased significantly in the insurance sector. They use numerous technology-based tools for marketing and product launches. The support staff we hire for our clients in the InsurTech sector provides comprehensive support for the entire range of processes of the industry.

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