The global volume of the eCommerce market is expanding very fast across the globe. According to the eMarketer forecast, the global volume of retail eCommerce market is expected to top $6.388 trillion by 2024 from $4.28 trillion in 2020. The total number of online digital buyers is estimated at about 2.14 billion in 2021 and counting at a very fast pace.

Exponential growth in the eCommerce online shops and shopping platforms has made eCommerce one of the most competitive domains where multiple processes like online purchases, order processing, customer support, are done virtually. Hiring an eCommerce support team to provide highly professional-grade live chat, email, social media, and e commerce phone support is highly beneficial for numerous types of businesses in the eCommerce domain.

What Are the Best Times for Outsourcing eCommerce Tech Support for Customers?

No one size to fit all. Every business is unique and has different requirements for outsourcing e commerce customer support. If we overlap all unique conditions of different eCommerce businesses into a few generalized scenarios, we can have the following ones.

best times for ecommerce customer service outsourcing

Scenario #1. If your eCommerce business is an operational startup

If you have kicked off a new startup in the field of eCommerce and have already launched your product in the targeted customer base, either you need to hire an eCommerce customer support manager remotely for building a support team or need to outsource the eCommerce support to a third-party. It will be very helpful for your startup to improve customer satisfaction by establishing professional-grade communication with your desired clients. This will improve customer engagement by providing the right guidance, updating order information, helping resolve issues related to digital purchases, and much more. You will get sufficient time to focus on the core business processes and ideas to achieve a faster return on investment (ROI).

Scenario #2. When you need customer support in multiple languages

In-house hiring of a separate e-commerce support agent for a large number of languages is not a viable idea. In such circumstances when you need customer support in a wide range of languages across the globe, you need to outsource e commerce help & support agent services to the professional-level third-party provider. This helps you reduce the operational cost and improve the user experience by providing support to the customers in their respective languages.  

Scenario #3. When you need multi-channel customer support

Dedicated hiring for eCommerce support staff to handle multiple channels such as e commerce chat support, telephone answering, email response, and social media support is a very costly and unaffordable solution for the majority of eCommerce enterprises. In such circumstances, you need to outsource your eCommerce customer support process remotely to a third party. This will reduce the operational cost of the eCommerce support process and improve user experience significantly.

Scenario #4. When your team lacks domain expertise & quality

If you have a short team mainly dedicated to building an online eCommerce platform and other associated processes, it will be very difficult for your team to provide professional-grade customer support because they are not specialists in the support field. You will need to outsource your eCommerce customer support process to third-party professionals to fill the gap of domain expertise and skillsets. This scenario is very useful for your business because it fills the knowledge gap and also helps your team to improve their knowledge and skillset in customer support.

Scenario #5. When your eCommerce transaction peaks occur seasonally

Whether it is digital or traditional shopping, the peaks of the activities occur seasonally on vacations, festivities, and other events. In such a scenario, your business faces a huge surge in workload in the customer support process and on other days, the load decreases to the minimum level. Outsourcing eCommerce customer support in such a situation is the right decision.

Top Benefits of eCommerce Customer Support Outsourcing

Whether it is SaaS customer support or eCommerce customer support, a professional-grade outsourcing service offers very promising results. A few very important benefits provided by outsourcing eCommerce customer support are listed below:

  • Saves substantial cost
  • No upfront cost required
  • Provides faster response
  • Faster scalability options
  • Offers highly professional services
  • Supports a wide range of industries
  • Suitable for multi-channel support simultaneously
  • Improves customer satisfaction significantly
  • Builds a great brand value and company reputation
  • Helps improve profitability and conversion rate
  • Drives extra customers and revenue
  • Supports multi-language services
  • Caters to the international audience round the clock
  • And much more

Why Do eCommerce Businesses Choose Us for eCommerce Support Services?

We are hiring specialists in the field of outsourced eCommerce support domain experts and agents. We offer highly professional and feature-rich outsourcing services. A few of the major reasons to choose us are listed below:

  • Offer fully managed and specialized eCommerce support staff hiring service
  • Maintain high quality and transparency in all hiring process
  • Offer very competitive and predictable prices without any hidden charges
  • Have access to a large pool of specialized professionals
  • Multilingual professional hiring
  • Hire professionals for handling all types of channels
  • Highly flexible and scalable services
  • Faster turnaround time (TAT)
  • Customized team building
  • And much more

Major Types of eCommerce Support Solutions Provided by Staff We Hire

The eCommerce support staff we hire is highly skilled, qualified, and experienced to provide all types of support solutions to their employers.

ecommerce support solutions

#1. Inbound Requests (Email & Chat) Support

Live remote support eCommerce specialists we hire can handle all inbound requests via email and live chat communication channels. They manage email and live chat support services with a professional touch to create great user experience. They use the latest tools and industry practices for transparent insight into the entire support process.  

#2. Pre-Selling Help Service

The eCommerce staff we hire is capable of providing all types of support and conversation required for introducing the upcoming product through a wide range of interactions. They can also help marketing the product in the market, get feedback about the need for the upcoming product and other such activities.

#3. Cross-Selling Support

The professionals we hire are already trained, experienced, and skilled to sell additional products through cross-selling customer support. We hire experts that have the ability to persuade prospective customers to purchase the related products through effective expression of the products and services.

#4. Order Processing Help

Whether it is Magento or Shopify eCommerce support service, the professional we hire can handle the entire process of order processing in all major eCommerce platforms. They are capable enough to deal with the order process, delivery tracing, and other issues associated with the entire process of product ordering in eCommerce business.

#5. Upselling Support

The professionals we hire for eCommerce support are trained and skilled for persuading the customers through multiple ways to purchase high-quality and costly products or services. They help improve revenue of your eCommerce business significantly.

#6. Miscellaneous Support

Other than the above-mentioned domain-specific support, the eCommerce support staff we hire for our clients can provide consultancy on support methods, trends, data analytics, and modern technologies in the marketplace.

hiring for ecommerce support in ukraine

Why to Outsource eCommerce Technical Support to Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing and shining star destinations in the outsourcing world. It offers great benefits and attractive reasons to clients from across the globe. A few of them are listed below:

  • A huge pool of skilled and experienced talent
  • Offers very competitive rates as compared to many competitors in the world
  • Follows the European standards for maintaining high quality of services
  • A nation with highly tech-savvy population with effective innovative approach
  • We are located in Ukraine, which is situated in the central geographical location for the customers to reach physically
  • Robust information technology (IT) infrastructure
  • One of the fastest growing IT outsourcing economy
  • One of the highly connected society
  • Encouraging government policies for IT outsourcing business
  • Consistent power supplies without frequent power cuts
  • Pro-customer and solution-oriented approach of the population
  • Strong ecosystem of technical and vocational education system

If you are looking for a specialized eCommerce support service provider, contact us to hire technical support staff for your eCommerce business now!

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