In today’s highly connected world, the importance of remote chat and email support services has increased significantly due to easy-to-use and effective ways of communication with a great level of cost-efficiency. Enterprises of all sizes and sectors across the globe choose to outsource their technical support process remotely to achieve the potential benefits of this service.

Either hiring the right remote email chat support representative or building a remote tech support team improves the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your business substantially.

Why Is It Worth Outsourcing Email Customer Support Services?

In the present fiercely competitive marketplace, cost, quality, user experience, faster turnaround, and capitalizing on all potential opportunities are the key drivers for sustaining your business in the market. Outsourcing email customer support service to third-party offers options to achieve the above-mentioned attributes for the business. Thus, enterprises across all domains and industries choose to hire customer support overseas, especially to the bright IT support destinations like Ukraine.

Benefits of Email Outsourcing vs In-House Team

Building an in-house team for email support services has numerous downsides as compared to outsourcing the email support process to third parties. Email outsourcing to third-party offers the following benefits Vs building an in-house email support team:

benefits of outsourced email support services
  • Outsourcing email support process saves substantial cost
  • It is much faster and works round the clock for 24×7
  • Offers multiple options for customized and personalize email support
  • Helps improve the overall operational efficiency of the core team
  • Improves the customer satisfaction and product loyalty
  • Provides options for multi-level support at one place
  • Maintains agreed key performance indicators KPIs
  • Easy to scale up the remote support teams
  • No upfront cost of infrastructure and resources
  • Option for multilingual support
  • And many others

What Makes Us Stands Out from Competitors in Remote Email Tech Support?

We are one of the most professional email outsourcing companies in the marketplace. We offer highly specialized service in hiring email and social media customer support representatives for our clients. The most important characteristics of our expert services that make us stand out from our competitors include:

  • Access to a huge pool of support tech-talent
  • Maintain high quality in all procedures of hiring process
  • Very competitive prices without any hidden charges at all
  • Highly customer-focused and solution-oriented services
  • Fully managed services with full adherence to client’s requirements
  • Hire a highly suitable email customer support representative that your business deserves
  • Highly reliable services powered by specialized management
  • Allow greater level of flexibility in scaling up your team
  • And many others

Top Queries Handled by Remote Email Support Specialist We Hire

The customer care representative email & chat support professionals we hire for our clients can handle the following queries and questions from customers:

queries handled by email customer support representative
  • Product/service operational queries
  • Product training
  • Upselling queries
  • Customer retention
  • Pre-sales inquiries
  • Technical glitches
  • Performance issues
  • Software configuration
  • Software updates
  • Client onboarding
  • And others

How Does Our Outsourced Email Support Services Work?

We support our valued clients in hiring email support specialists to build a remote support team. The entire process accomplished by taking the following steps and activities:

  1. Client requirements. In this step, our team collects the requirements of the client for building a customer support team
  2. Sourcing support representatives. Our experts search for the suitable candidates for the required roles using multiple channels
  3. Shortlisting candidates. By using different automated and manual processes, we shortlist the sourced candidates for further process
  4. Interviewing. We conduct multiple interviews to scrutinize the credential, skills, and experience of the candidates
  5. Taking final approval. We take our client on board to take their final approval to hire qualified candidates
  6. Offering. After client’s approval, we offer the selected candidates through offer letters
  7. Contract signing. After acceptance of job offer, we sign contract with the client
  8. On-boarding. Finally, we take the hired candidates onboard to join remote email support team

What Industries Do Our Email Outsourcing Services Support?

Our email outsourcing services support a wide range of industries by helping them hire highly qualified email support staff. A few very important ones are listed below:

  • Information technology (IT)
  • Telecommunication services
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Education and training
  • Insurance and finance
  • Aeronautics and defense
  • Entertainment and multimedia
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • eCommerce and retail
  • Food and agriculture
  • Travels and hospitality
  • Real estate and leasing
  • Automobile and manufacturing
  • And many others
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Additional Support Services We Offers

Our core services focus on the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced professionals for building remote email customer support teams for our clients in a wide range of industries worldwide. We can also provide additional value-added services to our clients to help them achieve their business bottom lines more effectively. A few of them include:

  • Consultancy on revamping the customer support teams
  • Providing guidance on improving the efficiency of support team
  • Scaling up the existing technical support teams to cater to the increased workload
  • Providing support on legal and administrative matters of remote teams
  • Building remote call centers on the behalf of our clients
  • Customization the remote tech email support teams
  • And much more

What Can You Expect to Outsource Email and Chat Support Services?

A client that chooses the professional-grade outsourcing services for email and chat support may expect the following activities from the service provider or remote team of support specialists:

  • Complete customer care. A complete solution for the customer care to build a great level of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • Multi-level tech support. Solution to all levels of technical support required for a particular product or service in the concerned industries
  • Faster response to queries. Outsourced services provide very fast response in certain cases it is real-time response
  • Professional behavior. Outsourced specialists are dedicated experts in the industry fully trained for professional behavior with clients
  • Timely resolution of issues. All issues falling under the ambit of support team should be expected to be completed within the stipulated time
  • Proper escalation and transparency. The professional outsourcing services of email handling are designed to provide detailed transparency in client communication and the issue should be escalated as per service escalation matrix
  • Proper feedback data. Outsourced email professionals take customer feedback on regular basis to help businesses improve the processes

If you are considering to outsource email support, get in touch and find out how to outsource email support services with our specialized company now!