Telecommunication sector is very well known for a few unique things such as the fastest-changing technologies, cut-throat competitiveness, huge customer-churn rate, the fastest-growing demand for data, and decreasing profit margins. Characterized by such factors, reducing operational cost, strong focus on core processes, and adopting innovative approaches are the major drivers highly desirable for maintaining business viability.

Outsourcing telecommunications call center and other processes to third-party providers are one of the most desirable options in the industry for maintaining competitiveness, customer loyalty, and brand value. Outsourced helpdesk support – telecommunications and IT services – has become a trend in the present marketplace.

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Main Reasons for Outsourcing Telecommunications Support Specialist Team

Outsourcing a customer support specialist telecommunications team offers numerous benefits and value-added features to telecom companies. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Cost saving. One of the most important reasons for the business process outsourcing for telecom is saving cost. Outsourcing a help desk service costs just a fraction of building an in-house team.
  • Scalability. Outsourcing customer support telecom is very easy and fast to scale up in the changed business requirements.
  • Flexibility. Outsourcing model offers huge flexibility to telecom industry in terms of pricing models, project models, support level, and customized solutions
  • Bridging technology gap. Outsourcing helps bridge the shortage of technology in a telecom team by bringing experience and expertise into the existing team.
  • Finding the right talent. Outsourcing is not constrained with the geographical boundaries. Thus, it is more effective in finding the right talent.
  • Efficiency & productivity. Outsourcing improves the overall efficiency and performance of telecom teams by complementing the in-house teams.

Why Choose Us for Outsourcing Telecommunications Support Services?

Our company deals with building outsourced call center specializing in telecom and startup support industries. The main reasons for choosing our professional level frontier telecommunications technical support services are listed below:

  • Specialized services. We offer specialized hiring services in remote outsourcing for the telecom sector. This gives us better insight into the issues, challenges, potentials, and other factors to build a suitable support solution.
  • End-to-end support. Our company hires telecom support teams that offer comprehensive support such as phone answering, live chat, social media, and email outsourcing under one roof.
  • Cost effectiveness. Our price plans are highly competitive and transparent without any hidden charges at all.
  • Quality and professionalism. Our services are extensively known for high quality and professional services in the marketplace. We follow European and international standards of quality and industry best practices.
  • Ideal location. We are located in Ukraine, which is an ideal location for telecom companies from all major countries in European, North American, Asian, and other countries. Considerable working hours overlap with a large number of countries worldwide.
  • Large pool of tech talent. Ukraine has one of the largest pools of tech-talent in the area to choose the most suitable telecommunications support technician for our clients.

Major Services Offered by Telecommunications Tech Support Staff We Hire

We hire the most professional staff with the matching skills, experience, and qualities that are the most needed for accomplishing the assigned tasks. A few major services offered by the telecom startup support staff are mentioned below.

telecom outsourcing customer support services

#1. Customer Support of Diverse Levels

The staff we hire offers diverse levels of technical support in the telecom industries such as level-0, level-1, level-2, and level-3 support. They are also capable of handling multi-channel for diverse levels of support services.

#2. Data Entry Service

Inserting different types of data such as customer and service info, invoices, orders, surveys, questionnaires, forms, and others into specified formats and databases is one of the services offered by the support staff we hire.

#3. Complaint Management

To outsource social media management, email, phone answering, and live chat channels with the professional staff we hire for our clients is the best option for customer complaint management in the telecom sector.

#4. Data Cleansing Service

Removing duplication, incorrect information, irrelevant data, and correcting the data formats are a few important tasks for data cleansing service performed professionally by the staff we hire for our clients.

#5. Tech Support Services

The telecom support staff we hire for our clients is capable of managing online service portals, knowledge bases, maintaining eCommerce platforms, and providing multi-level technical support to the customers regarding the telecom services.

#6. Checking Customer Data to Eliminate Errors

We hire highly skilled professionals in the telecom support industry. They can also validate the customer data such as addresses, phones, codes in CRM systems, and other information related to telecom services. If there is any error in the information, they correct and update it accordingly.

How Does Our Telecom Outsourcing Customer Support Service Work?

We offer telecom support staff hiring services to our clients. This process works through the following simple steps:

  1. Requirement analysis. Our team analyzes the requirements provided by our clients for the support staff team and suggests the suitable solution for those requirements.
  2. Searching tech talent. Our specialized team sources the suitable candidates through multiple ways to find out the most matching resumes for the desired positions.
  3. Interviewing. The interviewing process consists of multiple sessions a few of them go in coordination with our valued clients.
  4. Hiring. This process consists of two sub-processes – offering and contracting. Both of them are completed by our specialized team after the final approval from our valued clients.
  5. Onboarding. In this step, our team of hiring specialists introduce the newly hired staff with the existing ones and conduct an orientation process with the procedures and tasks performed in the clients’ work environment.

Why Choose Ukraine for BPO Telecom Against Other Competitor Destinations?

Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing and the most popular hubs for business process outsourcing BPO telecom industry. The reasons for choosing it against the other competitors include the following:

  • Highly tech-savvy population
  • Strong educational ecosystem
  • Very competitive prices
  • High quality services in line with EU standards
  • Larger pool of tech-talent than many competitors
  • Better IT infrastructure and connected society
  • Overlapping time-zone with ideal geographical location
  • Innovative thinking and professional attitude
  • Shared culture and proficiency in English
  • Outsourcing supportive government policies
  • One of the fastest growing IT economies
  • And much more

If you want to build a remote telecom support team, contact us and learn more about numerous telecommunications customer support outsourcing options!

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