The use of social media platforms for marketing, advertisement, and sales are huge in the modern business ecosystem. Over half of the global population is using social media with over 2 hours and 25 minutes daily usage by each user. The total size of the global social media management market is expected to reach $41.6 billion by 2026 from just $14.4 billion in 2021 with a whopping growth rate of 23.6% CAGR during the projected period, according to the Markets and Markets forecast.

Almost all enterprises tap the potential of social media in increasing by using modern features and capabilities of social media platforms. To cater to this huge population on social media, numerous businesses use social media support services to provide them proper guidance and customer support to increase the conversion.

Main Reasons to Outsource Social Media Customer Support

There are numerous great reasons to outsource social media management and customer support services. A few very important of them are listed below:

reasons to outsource social media management
  • Cost saving. The outsourced social media customer service solutions reduce process management cost significantly.
  • Round the clock support. Outsourced model offers 24/7 support services without any interruption due to diversely located teams.
  • Faster response. Remote support teams are fully dedicated and process experts. They provide faster response to the queries of the customers on social media platforms
  • Access to larger tech talent pools. To outsource social media support offers the option to access larger pools of tech-talent without any limitations of geographical boundaries.
  • Better quality. The quality of outsourced social media services is much better powered by modern tools and technologies.
  • Standard compliance. Specialized outsourced help clients in achieving industry compliance in operations and support.
  • Improved customer satisfaction. Dedicated outsourced services improve user experience through proper and personalized professional services that result in customer satisfaction and product loyalty
  • Flexibility and scalability. Outsourced services are more flexible and scalable to cater to the changed requirements of your business.  

Attractive Perks of Using Our Social Media Customer Care Staffing Services

Using outsourced social media customer service solutions offer a wide range of perks that make your business thrive and grow much faster. A few very important perks of using social media outsourcing services include:

  • Increased sales through polite and professional customer services
  • More time to focus on the core business processes and ideas
  • Improved product or service brand value
  • Access to the best tech-talent to achieve expertise in marketing and advertising
  • Implementation of modern marketing, support, and advertising trends
  • Substantial reduction in process operational cost
  • Improved competitive-edge and profitability
  • Effective and productive use of core staff through outsourced support
  • Bridges the expertise and technological gaps in your business
  • Increased network by connecting the individuals with the matching interest
  • And much more

Social Media Support Tasks Performed by Social Media Support Specialist We Hire

A social media customer support agent or specialist we hire for our clients is capable of providing a wide range of support tasks. A few of them are mentioned below:

tasks performed by social media support specialist

#1. Developing social media strategy

We hire highly expert social media strategists that can develop the most effective and productive strategies in marketing, advertisement, customer support, and other domains of business processes. They are aware of modern market trends and technologies extensively used in the marketplace.  

#2. Preparing and posting content

Good content plays a vital role in marketing and advertising campaigns to attract social media users to your business. The staff we hire for our clients are able to prepare and post highly valuable content for social media users to attract more customers to your product/service.

#3. Creating social media schedules

Making proper schedules for advertisement, events, posts, and other interactions with the customers is highly skilled work. We hire highly expert professionals that have deeper insight and expertise in managing social media schedules professionally.

#4. 24×7 engagement with clients

Social media users from different parts of the world are continuously using the platforms; so, they need round-the-clock support. The professionals for email, chat, and telephone answering services on social media platforms offer consistent services to engage with clients round the clock.

#5. Taking customer feedback

Customer feedback is one of the most powerful drivers that impact marketing, sales, quality assurance, product planning, and all other major processes. The professional social media support professionals we hire for our clients take customer feedback through multiple channels to improve business bottom lines.

build social media customer support team in ukraine

Top Social Media Platforms Managed by Outsourcing Social Media Staff We Hire

The social media specialists we hire for our valued clients are highly trained and experienced in handling customer support processes on numerous social media platforms. A few of them are mentioned below:

#1. Facebook

Facebook management includes monitoring pages, regulating groups, adding content, scheduling posts and events, responding to the customers’ queries, taking feedback, and many other such activities. The professionals we hire for our clients can perform all these activities to manage Facebook customer support effectively.

#2. Twitter

Monitoring business Twitter handles, creating new content, incentives, posts, events, responding tags, and addressing customer complaints are a few very important Twitter management activities that are professionally handled by the social media support team we hire for our clients. They use Twitter more effectively by engaging with potential clients through effective content.

#3. YouTube

The comprehensive YouTube management of business channels includes creating new videos, demos, incentivized programs, responding to customer queries, monitoring comments, managing comments, and other such activities. The staff we hire are quite capable of accomplishing all those activities professionally.

#4. LinkedIn

The customer support representatives hired by our company for LinkedIn management services can manage LinkedIn pages, content creation, timely posts, building networks, using LinkedIn plugins and marketing tools, managing groups and others. We hire the best LinkedIn support staff that can manage all of those activities efficiently.

#5. Pinterest

Creating business profiles, adding product photos, searching pins, exploring feeds, following feeds, and other such activities are the major components of Pinterest management services performed by the professionals we hire for our valued clients.

If you are looking for an outsourcing social media support team, contact us and learn more about social media customer support outsourcing in Ukraine now!