The outsourced telephone answering service, commonly referred to as call center services, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the IT outsourcing industry. According to the Research and Markets forecast, the global market size of remote live answering service will reach $496 billion by 2027 with a decent growth of over 5.6% CAGR during the forecast period of 2020-2027.

Whether you run a small business, startup, or corporation, your business needs a professional-level best phone answering service to benefit from its wide range of desirable features complementary to the growth of your business.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Telephone Answering Services

To outsource customer phone support has numerous great reasons related to team productivity, process efficiency, financial advantages, administrative flexibility, and many others. All those good reasons culminate into the below-mentioned top business benefits.

reasons for phone support outsourcing
  • Saves substantial amounts of money. One of the most important benefits is that it saves huge cost in the operation of the customer support business process. The cost of a live phone answering service for small business, startup, and any other types of enterprises is a very critical component in the modern competitive marketplace. The outsourcing services offer highly competitive prices.
  • Job done faster. The professionals in the remote reception services are highly experienced, properly trained in the domain, and possess the right skills needed in the industry. They complete the task much faster with proper feedback and maintaining good communication etiquettes.
  • Access to diverse pools of talents. Virtual telephone support outsourcing is boundaryless and allows the businesses to access a diverse pool of talent in the international market, especially in the IT outsourcing hubs like Ukraine.
  • Higher quality. The professional services to outsource customer support offer higher quality due to the specialized professionals with the right skills in the industry. They follow the latest quality standards adopted in the industry.
  • Faster scalability. Hiring a telephone tech support agent remotely is much faster. You can scale up your remote call center workforce very fast to cater to the increased demand for support staff.

What Perks Do We Offer for Outsourced Phone Support?

We are a highly specialized company in hiring the live chat outsourcing staff for our clients to provide support to their respective customers. Our services are highly customer-oriented and business-focused that produce the most desirable business bottom lines for our valued clients. A few of the major perks we offer include:

benefits of our outsourced phone support
  • Specialized team of professionals. Our team is dedicatedly trained and skilled to hire industry experts that are 100% fit for the customer support job we choose to hire for. Our team consists of experienced hiring professionals.
  • Faster turnaround time (TAT). Our services are electric fast while maintaining the quality standards of all hiring phases and steps.
  • Competitive prices. Our service to hire professionals to outsource customer phone support is one of the competitive services in the marketplace. We offer flexible price plans suitable for all sizes and types of enterprises.
  • Access to a large pool of specialists. We are based in Ukraine where we have access to a large pool of customer support specialists. We choose multiple channels for sourcing the most suitable candidates for our clients.
  • Greater reliability. We offer a high level of reliability and peace of mind to our valued clients so that they can focus on their core business processes. We always provide the best resources so that the client gets the most reliable service his/her business deserves.
  • Ideal location. We are located at one of the most ideal locations to outsource customer support services to. Physical distance is not far away for many major countries in Europe and North America.
  • English proficiency. We hire highly proficient speakers for dealing with the clients smoothly without any problem of accent or dialects.
  • Wide range of skills. Our company hires the customer support staff for a wide range of skills such as eCommerce, technical support, engineering support, and others
  • Multiple industries. Our professional team is able to deal in a wide range of industries such as computer and telecom, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, travels, tourism, logistics, supply chain, and many others.

Types of Phone Support Outsourcing Staff We Hire for Our Clients

How to outsource telephone customer support and orders in different types of call center services? There are many types of phone support outsourcing staff, which can help you in this regard. A few of those types of outsourcing staff are mentioned below:

#1. After-Hours Answering Service Staff

After-hours answering service staff is the team of customer support specialists that handle the customer support calls after the business hours of the company. This type of staff takes over the responsibilities of one support team after it completes its working hours. Thus, this type of staff is suitable for round-the-clock customer support during off-business hours.

#2. Bi-Lingual Answering Service Staff

We hire professionals with bilingual communication skills to cover a wide range of customers for our clients. We can hire specialists who are proficient in French, Spanish, or Russian, Arabic, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Hebrew, Chinese, and Persian other than English. This type of service offers more flexibility to our clients for handling a bigger customer base in different languages.

#3. 24×7 Remote Phone Support Staff

Our specialized service is also expert at hiring a team of remote phone support to work round-the-clock without any interruption. This type of staffing is normally based on multiple teams working in shifts with a small-time of overlap so that the entire time period of 24 hours and 7 days a week is covered effectively.

#4. Multi-Tier Support Staff

Our team specializes in hiring technical support staff that is able to handle multi-tier support to the customers. We can hire level 1 (L-1), level 2 (L2), and level 3 (L3) support professionals to deal with the technicalities involved in those different levels of support.

#5. Industry Specific Support Staff

We can hire customer support staff for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, ICT, telecom, web industry, automation, hospitality, and numerous others.

#6. Live Chat Answering Staff

Our expert hiring service can hire specialists for live chat answering to handle the customer queries through live chatting professionally.

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What Is So Special About Outsourced Answering Service to Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing destinations for call center outsourcing services due to numerous great reasons, which make it so special for outsourced answering service worldwide. The educational system, government policies, geographical location, technical-savvy population, culture, language, and other main characteristics make the enterprises from across the globe to hire virtual phone answering service specialists in Ukraine.

Why Should You Hire Virtual Phone Answering Service Specialists in Ukraine?

  • Highly skilled and qualified pool of specialists
  • English proficient population with technical tendency
  • Very suitable time-zone with overlapping working hours with many countries
  • Centralized location on the globe for easy and faster traveling
  • Highly connected society with very powerful IT infrastructure
  • Capable tech-talent to handle different levels of technical and customer support
  • One of the fastest growing call center and IT outsourcing industry in the world
  • Follows European standards of quality in services
  • Shared culture, common work ethics and English language proficiency
  • One of the most competitive destination in terms of prices
  • Highly professional and reliable management cadre
  • And much more  

If you are looking for outsourcing customer support services remotely, get in touch to learn on how to outsource telephone answering services to Ukraine!